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Questions galore

Hi, I'm new here. Never thought that there could exist communities like this, really cool. Do you know of any other communities for bbw workers, outside livejournal?

I'm 22 and I've been working for 3 years - on and off. I'm really, happy about it, and it helps me to be able to finance my education. I got some questions, if you have the time... :)

1. Do you keep a journal of some sorts, with info about your clients? If yes, what do you write and has it come in handy? I'm a lazy, lazy girl, so I haven't done that before... But maybe I should have, because I do have a handful of regulars (regulars are those I've seen 20 and more times), and it would probably be good to read up on what they seemed to like. Of course it's pretty normal to write down phone numbers etc., but I'm talking about details like "he loved that, he seemed annoyed when I did that" etc.

2. How do you get people to come back? With new clients, I always say something like "I hope to see you again" and then I smile like a mad(wo)man. But I'm getting tired of that line.

3. What do you wear, when you have new clients that hasn't told much about their likes and dislikes?

4. Your voicemail, the welcome message. What do you say? I say something like "Hi, this is ***, thanks for calling! This week, I'm working monday from 4pm to 3am monday through friday (example)." ... and then I say something about when they can reach me on the phone. I need something extra, I need something special.

Anyways, happy to be here :)
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