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The Hidden Chamber

A dear friend of mine is thinking about doing pro-Domme work as an adjunct to grad school. She's thinking about joining the staff at The Hidden Chamber of NYC.

I wouldn't want anyone I loved to work somewhere unsafe, sketchy, scuzzy, or simply sucky, so do any of you have the 411 on this place? Any horror stories, any good stories? I would really appreciate any feedback you may have.

I'd also be interested in hearing of any other reputable, excellent, safe, or otherwise monetarily-fruitful pro-Domme sites of employment in New York City. Though I'm not asking explicitly for referrals, they'd be as welcome as any other input. If you're not comfortable leaving comments here, please do feel free to email me (email on userinfo page). I dearly appreciate your help.

Thank you,

G. of B.

(xxx-posted to beatgoddess, feministsexwork, incalloutcall, and maybe other relevant communities.)
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