sea_of_pain (sea_of_pain) wrote in bbwsexworkers,

Calling all sex workers

I am a 21 year old, female college student in lower michigan. i am looking to interview sex workers for an assignment. I am looking to interview female and male prostitutes who have been in the profession for at least 4 months (Doesn’t matter if it is your sole source of income or not.) I will not ask for or use your real name. I am not looking for a “guide” to get into the business and I will make no attempt to condemn you or your profession.
Ideally this interview would be conducted in person. You may choose the time and the place. I do understand the risks and if a face to face meeting is impossible I understand.
If you have any questions or you are willing to help me out please respond as soon as possible because I’ll have to begin working soon.
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